Computer Art

Software Artwork

Welcome to my software artwork. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the results.

These sketches start by taking some information from from the UK Government Covid Testing Data and turning this information into abstracted forms. The public initially saw:

The sketches below use this same data and displays them in an abstract form. Best viewed in wide screen on mobile devices.


An example of blocked colours. Click or touch to update. The start position of the data is random so each drawing should be fairly unique.


Interpretation as a tree. Click to update tree. Each update will be unique due to random values of branch density.


Data as a colour spiral. A tap or click on the buttons will change the website or interpretation.

Signal Trace

Interpretation as a signal trace. Mouse click will alter the website data used. A tap or mouse click will change the website used.

Coloured Blocks

Website data interpretation as a simple coloured blocks

Inspired by:
The Moonlight Sonata Reflected from the Surface of the Moon –

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